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How May Yeast Beta Glucans Help Improve General Immune Health?

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Today, there is substantial global concern over public health due to foreign challenges such as viruses. While a healthy immune system is our best defense against illness, it is also the foundation of overall wellness.

Immune health enhances quality of life for people of every age and in every need state, which is one of the reasons that Kerry’s proprietary consumer research indicates immune health is the most sought-after health benefit for consumers across the world.

While traditional methods of maintaining immune health, like washing hands frequently, getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet are important, increasingly, consumers are turning to functional foods, beverages and supplements to provide immune support.

Wellmune® has been clinically-proven to help support the immune system of people of all ages. Here is a snapshot of some of the research.

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Children and families.

Protecting these vulnerable immune systems is important to help keep kids healthy and families thriving. Clinical studies show how Wellmune helps support kids’ immune health:

  • In a clinical study, author Meng F. Et al. observed children taking Wellmune reported two-thirds fewer upper respiratory tract infections symptoms.
  • The study also observed, children taking Wellmune were significantly healthier, with 62% reporting “good” health status, verses 15% taking the placebo.


Immune Health for Sports Nutrition.


Athletes and weekend warriors.

Athletes at all levels can face harsh environmental factors (increased exposure to crowds or travel exhaustion) as well as physical and psychological stress. These factors can negatively impact the immune system and overall physical health. Wellmue provides clinically proven immune support for athletes.


Healthy aging.

As we age, our immune system slows and weakens, but the desire for an active lifestyle does not. To combat this, older adults must take a proactive approach to staying healthy by supporting their immune function. Wellmune is safe and effective to support healthy aging.

  • In a cold-and-flu season pilot study with older adults, Fuller R, Et al. observed Wellmune demonstrated a strong trend towards reducing the number of upper respiratory tract infections, reducing symptom days of a cold and providing statistically significant changes in the body’s response to viral encounters and inflammation.
  • Fuller R, Et al. observed participants taking Wellmune had a 16% decrease in total upper respiratory tract infection symptom days.


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Lifestyle stress.

No one is immune from stress, and unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from health-related problems that come with chronic stress. One of the most detrimental effects of harmful stress includes the suppression of the immune system. Research shows Wellmune helps reduce the effects of stress.

  • In a clinical study Talbott SM, Et al. observed there was a 62% reduction in the number of stressed women reporting upper respiratory tract infection symptoms.
  • Lifestyle stress has been shown to suppress the immune system, putting otherwise healthy individuals at risk—especially during cold-and-flu season. In this study, Fuller R, Et al. observed Wellmune demonstrated a strong trend towards reducing the duration of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms for medical students.


Wellmune is committed to providing a safe and efficacious immune heath ingredient.

While there is no specific research demonstrating the effectiveness of Wellmune against illnesses like Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) , a well-supported immune system is the best defense against health challenges. In addition to traditional preventative measures, supplementing the diet with immune support ingredients such as Wellmune, may help increase feelings of general well-being, helping you to be well and stay well.

Scientific backing from high-quality, peer-reviewed, published research that consists of clinical studies with consistent outcomes makes it easier to support the immune system and helps consumers understand its benefits, ultimately simplifying purchase decisions.


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