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Simpl Innovative’s Phab Protein combines protein benefits with Wellmune® for immune support


Phab Protein, a brand of Simpl Innovative Brands Pvt. Ltd., India, is focused on helping athletes and active adults get ‘stronger faster’, with protein powders and RTD beverages that provide supplementation daily or after athletics or exercise. Phab Protein is disrupting the protein market in India by adding immune health benefits to an otherwise-crowded space.

The challenge.

With a desire to provide unmet value to a crowded market, Phab Protein sought to create market differentiation by creating a product that combines protein with immune health benefits.


The journey.

To offer active consumers the additional benefit of immune health support, Simpl Innovative sought a branded, science-backed ingredient. Wellmune®, with its research portfolio validating its efficacy, and its clinically proven immune support for athletes, was the logical choice to help Phab Protein stand out in the market.

Bringing Phab Protein to market with immune health benefits is an outcome of multiple teams within Kerry working together to meet the customer’s need. Ankit Chona, Managing Director, Simpl Innovative, notes that from the research and development team who helped to quantify Wellmune to the supply chain who helped bring the product to market, Kerry’s support was integral to every phase of product development.

“Kerry’s research on Wellmune’s ability to strengthen the immune system when consumed in a beverage application spurred our interest in including Wellmune in our products. Formulating with quality, science-backed ingredients was key to our success.”

~ Ankit Chona, Managing Director, Simpl Innovative
The solution.

Phab Protein is ideal for consumers looking for protein for daily consumption and for protein supplementation after athletics or exercise. The products are sold online for delivery throughout India, and at supermarkets in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

    • Protein powders are available in 500g and 1Kg packs of 10 single-serve sachets. Flavors include Belgian chocolate, mint coriander chaas (a sweet, spicy flavor with a yogurt-type texture), alphonso mango, and vanilla ice cream.
    • Ready-to-drink beverages are available in 200ml protein shakes in Swiss chocolate, cold coffee, and strawberries and cream flavors.


The results.

While Phab Protein is targeted at athletes, it’s seeing interest as a healthy option for meal replacement on-the-go to support overall health and wellness. As the first protein supplement in India formulated with yeast beta glucan as a value add ingredient to help strengthen the immune system, Phab is increasing awareness of beta glucans as for immune health. As a result, Phab Protein stands apart from other protein supplements. Launched in January 2020, with extensive use of social media to build the brand as a healthy-yet-indulgent option, Phab Protein is seeing success in line with today’s ever-evolving shopping habits with its particularly strong e-commerce channel.


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