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New Study with Wellmune® Shows Promise for Intestinal Barrier Function Improvements with Stressed Adults

A newly published pre-clinical study with human donors demonstrated that Wellmune®, the natural immune health ingredient available in food, beverages, and supplements, may protect intestinal barrier function in adults when faced with stress. The study also provided new insights on how the proprietary yeast beta glucan works within the human body and the immune system. Continue reading…

Immunity in Every Part of Your Life – A Nutrition Expert’s Take

Nobody likes to be sick, and it seems like everywhere we go there’s another threat to our wellbeing. Germ-laden door handles, sneeze-spewing coworkers, or the prolonged horror of waiting for our kid’s sick schoolmate to inevitably spread the illness to our own home. Yet we don’t get sick that often. It’s amazing, and we have Continue reading…

Emergen-C Immune+® with Wellmune®

In 2014, Alacer Corp. introduced four new flavors of its super-charged Emergen-C Immune+® dietary supplement, which provides immune support with key nutrients and a unique proprietary complex that features Wellmune®. As a key ingredient in the supplement’s proprietary complex, the Wellmune brand is featured on packages of the two new fizzy drink mixes (Super Orange Continue reading…

Wellmune Helped Stressed Women Stay Healthy, According to Study Published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition

Wellmune®, a natural immune health ingredient, may help stressed women stay well, according to results of a new study just published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. The study found that moderately to highly stressed women experienced fewer upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms and higher energy levels while taking Wellmune, a Continue reading…

Research Demonstrating Wellmune Boosts the Immune Health of Medical Students Published in Nutrition

Wellmune® boosted the immune systems of medical students in a new clinical study published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrition. The research provides further evidence of this natural food, beverage and supplement ingredient’s ability to support the health of people under high stress. Wellmune is scientifically proven to activate innate immune cells that help keep the body Continue reading…

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