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For Manufacturers.

Consumers are taking a long-term, preventative approach to their health. Because of this, functional foods, beverages, and supplements are becoming an important tool for people’s health and wellness goals. This proactive approach is causing immune health to be a sought after benefit for consumers when purchasing functional products.

Quality immune health products start with clinically-proven immune health ingredients.

Immune health is #2 most desired benefit.

Immunity, the desired functional benefit.

In a global survey from GlobalData, immune health was the number two most desired functional benefit people want in a food or beverage. Immunity was second only to general health and wellness.

Innovation is missing.

While consumers are seeking more immune health benefits from their foods, beverages, and supplements, they find it hard to find innovative products that are natural, safe and clinically proven for their entire family.

are interested in purchasing products with immune health benefits.

are actively buying products with immunity benefits. 

Research-built validation.

Clinical research is important to understanding how an ingredient works and the benefits it provides. It also helps build trust and transparency to consumers while effectively communicating proven benefits.

Natural and safe.

An ongoing, robust research and development program supports Wellmune’s ability to safely help strengthen the immune system. The result is an ingredient with a well-defined mechanism of action and a compelling body of credible research across different life stages and need states including:

Wellmune is clinically proven.

Peer-reviewed science and clinical data supports Wellmune’s efficacy and shows the ingredient can help:

  • Improve general immune health.
  • Maintain overall physical health.
  • Protect against the harmful effects of stress.
  • Promote healthy energy levels and mental clarity.

Over a dozen published clinical studies. A patented ingredient and award winning ingredient.

See the Research

A clear winner with consumers.

2/3 of consumers

indicate an interest in purchasing a product with Wellmune.


A natural ingredient with broad regulatory approvals, globally.

Wellmune has regulatory approval in major markets around the world, including GRAS status in the U.S. and novel food approval in Europe and China. Focused on immune health benefits, products containing Wellmune are available in more than 60 countries. Wellmune is patented, Kosher, Halal, non-allergenic, gluten-free, and available in Non-GMO Project Verified.

A significant innovation representing the culmination of many years of research, that has led to a functional ingredient that could have significant public health benefits to improve the human immune response.

– Juror, Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), commenting on Wellmune, recipient of an IFT Innovation Award

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